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The following section contains major historical events in the history of Delta Upsilon and the Cal Poly Chapter. Each of the Points of History describes a momentous occasion in the Fraternity's and Chapter's history.
  1. Alpha Upsilon Fraternity was founded May 16, 1955, under the principles and ideals of Delta Upsilon. The fraternity was founded by Robert Bonson (affiliated with Delta Upsilon of Iowa State), Robert Burgraff and Lawrence Dietzal. Thirteen men were interested in forming a fraternity at this time.
  2. The Constitution was accepted on November 22, 1955, along with the fraternity colors.
  3. Charter membership was closed on November 30, 1955; fifteen men were accepted.
  4. Active and pledge pins were chosen by the membership on January 11, 1956.
  5. The prayer was accepted on January 17, 1956. Also, the Honorary members were: Roy Harris, Everett M. Chandler, Calvin Slouthern, Dan Lawson, and Eugene Brendlien. They were to become Honorary members upon fraternity recognition by the college.
  6. The first pledge class was pinned February 8, 1956.
  7. The Constitution was accepted by S.A.C. as the first recognized fraternity at Cal Poly on February 14, 1956.
  8. The Garden Street House lease was signed in March of 1956.
  9. On March 28, 1956, Julian A. McPhee, President of Cal Poly, vetoed S.A.C.'s acceptance of Alpha Upsilon. He offered a deal which stated that if the Greek letters were dropped, Alpha Upsilon would be accepted.
  10. August 1969, Alpha Upsilon petitioned to become a member of Delta Upsilon International.
  11. On May 2, 1970, Alpha Upsilon was installed as a Delta Upsilon chapter.
  12. August 1970, Delta Upsilon, Cal Poly chapter, was represented for the first time at the Delta Upsilon National Convention.
  13. January 23, 1971, the first Delta Upsilon pledge class was initiated.
  14. October 11, 1971, Delta Upsilon was recognized by S.A.C. as an on-campus group with full campus privileges.
  15. On October 22, 1973, Delta Upsilon, Cal Poly chapter, voted to drop the International affiliation and once again become Alpha Upsilon Fraternity.
  16. September 15, 1975, the Palm Street House was bought.
  17. On May 28, 1980, Alpha Upsilon Fraternity was granted its Use Permit (UPO852) from the San Luis Obispo Planning Commission.
  18. Poly Royal, March 3, 1985, Actives and attending Alumni witnessed the burning of the Palm Street House Mortgage.
  19. On July 28, 1988, following a two year search, Alpha Upsilon closed escrow on the 720 and 726 Foothill Blvd. House. AY Go 90.
  20. The S.L.O. colony of Delta Upsilon was founded on November 1, 1989 under the ideals and principles of Alpha Upsilon.
  21. On May 2, 1992, the Delta Upsilon Cal Poly Colony was installed as an International chapter.
  22. On October 22, 2005, during the observance of the fiftieth anniversary, Actives and attending Alumni witnessed the burning of the Foothill House mortgage.